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: Female sea horse deposits the eggs in a particular bag in the womb of the male. When the time comes, he expels younglings with stomach contractions similar to parturition.
: The Arctic is warming far more quickly than anywhere else on the planet. Temperatures climbed nearly 1 degree Celsius in the past decade alone. This artwork is created with decaying raspberries and silver leaves on plexiglas
World without borders"World without borders"
: Many fish species regularly migrate, some in search for food others for reproduction. In some cases the reason for the migration is unknown. Approximately 70% of the Earth's surface is water-covered, and contrary to the dry land does not present obvious barriers to movement of its inhabitants





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Minya is a cultural ambassador for Novi Sad, the European Capital of Culture 2021

: Nuclear disaster in Japan caused by the earthquake and the subsequent tsunami on 11th March 2011 made the world reconsider the appropriateness and acceptability of nuclear power plants as the source of energy. This disaster was classified at level 7 - the same as the one in Chernobyl.
: The traces of raspberries paint the Plexiglas and silver leaves previously applied to it, showing the image of the portrayed beehive. This metaphor for ecology invites to ponder on the complex relationship and responsibility each individual has within an organized society.
: The bee is an emblem of productiveness, since the ancient times it has been a symbolic insect in various myths, legends and religions – since prehistoric times it is well known for its usefulness. In Greek mythology bees were considered messengers of the Muses for their sensitivity to sounds but they were also a symbol of the obedience of the people to the ruler. A special attention was given to the organization of the hive. The bee was also a representation of courage for its determination to attack the aggressors. However, bees have also provoked a negative symbolism: it was associated to the wicked and angry people who, just like bees “…have honey in their mouths and the sting hidden in their tails (…) when they speak they feed you with sweet honey and at the same time they hurt you with the sting”
: 'Black sheep' as a symbol of racism. The expression "black sheep" can be found in various languages. It describes an element that differentiates itself from the other members of the group and usually has negative implications. It also includes a passive attitude, prejudice, discrimination toward a person identified by their origin, culture, religion, ethnic group, sex, physical aspect, their dialect or imperfect pronunciation, clothing, habits, the social custom or other characteristics.

TIMEscape project

artistic series created by Minya

"TIMEscape" is a socio-political, cultural and anthropological study. This artistic project is a visual diary that reflects this historical moment capturing key current events in politics, culture, sport, environment and religion.

The artworks are created with innovative and personal technique - paintings made with natural pigments on a sleek plexiglas surface. The themes portrayed here cover some of the vital questions defining our epoch varying from human rights, respect and freedom of expression to migrations, new technologies, ecology, etc. With its numerous reflections "TIMEscape" participates in a complex artistic debate searching for potential answers to most urgent interrogations.

The character of human society, and of the nature in general, is such that it has the ability to adapt to changes. This ability to change and to direct its energy towards decisive changes is the essence of resilience.

Artists, just like philosophers, reflect upon the world, study the nature, ponder about the meaning of the human existence - but instead of using words to express their conclusions they use images, forms and colours. In the case of "TIMEscape" the source material for each painting is a newspaper photography that captures a significant moment or an event of the present.

In a multitude of daily information, the artist's choice is like a spotlight that focuses on one topic.

"No job today", "Hunger XXI", "Equality", "Oath of Office NY", "The raft of Lampedusa", "Now you see mee..."are the titles of some of the paintings in which the artist portrays the events metaphorically. Those events have been intentionally selected to narrate the epoch in which we live in a way that will sensitize and alert our society.

Name of the project "TIMEscape" represents the union of topic, artistic technique and philosophy.

New Tradition"New Tradition"
: A brand new profession has been "invented" by the 21st century Romans: fake centurions posing for or with tourists for a fee. They can often be seen talking on mobile phones and smoking modern-day cigarettes in stark contrast to their outfits.
: Monarch butterflies are the only insect capable of flying for thousands of kilometers from north to south escaping winter and in the opposite direction in spring. They are one of the most emblematic examples of the capacity of adjustment in nature. Today monarch butterflies are at risk of extinction because men are destroying forests in which they spend their winters, depriving them of their natural habitat. However, there is a place in Mexico called “Butterfly Biosphere Reserve” created to protect them during winter. It has been the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008
Trees"Trees" Slaughterhouse"Slaughterhouse"
: Global meat production has increased rapidly over the past 50 years - total production has grown 4-5 fold since 1961. This trend has major negative consequences for land and water use and environmental change. Although meat is a concentrated source of nutrients it also enhances the risks of chronic ill health, such as from colorectal cancer and cardiovascular disease
Golden Cage"Golden Cage"
: Barb wire is one of the symbols of the modern world. Few objects have such a long history of use - barb wire has not changed much from its original design, is just slightly evolved to increase its gruesome efficiency. It is used to keep the livestock but also to keep the immigrants and refugees at the borders. This object, with its controversial history became the symbol of the oppression. On the other hand, refugees who managed to cross those obstacles and to arrive to the promised land found themselves living in a golden cage, in a privileged situation but with the limited personal freedom
Hunger XXI"Hunger XXI"
: Estimated 795 million people do not have enough food. This makes almost 1/9 of the world population. At the same time we produce enough food to feed all 7.4 billion people.
Now You See Me..."Now You See Me..."
: The amphibians are one of the most endangered species and are currently on the brink of extinction. According to some estimations 60% of 85 European sorts are in rapid decline. They are also essential for the equilibrium in nature.
are essential for the biodiversity and the equilibrium of the ecosystem. Up to 35% of the world’s food production depend on their activity. 71 out of 100 most produced crops are pollinated by bees and only in Europe 4 000 different cultures grow thanks to them
: Since 2018, about 380 million tons of plastic is produced worldwide each year. Studies suggest that the bodies of 90% of seabirds contain plastic debris. By 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans by weight
Oath of Office New York"Oath of Office New York"
: On 20th January 2009, with the ceremony of inauguration in office at Capitol Hill, Barack Obama became the 44th president of the United States of America - the first Afro-American to hold this office. The event was broadcast all over the world including the giant screen at Time Square.
No Job Today"No Job Today"
: Catalonian parliament has passed the law abolishing the corrida. Bull fights have been forbidden since 2012
The Fence"The Fence"
: Immigration is one of the most problematic and controversial social phenomenon from the point of view of its causes and its consequences. It regards regulation and control of migrations and their residence. The immigration can contribute solving the problems of excessive population, hunger, epidemics and poverty
Inspire The Generation"Inspire The Generation"
: Motto of the Olympic Games in London 2012
The Raft of Lampedusa"The Raft of Lampedusa"
: Since the beginning of 1990 the migrants from Africa and Middle East have been crossing the Mediterranean Sea trying to reach Europe. The immigration over the sea has been intensified concomitantly with the European more restrictive immigrant policy. The Mediterranean Sea has been crossed in old fishing boats, rubber dinghies and floating wreck causing thousands of deaths. On average some 60.000 people are trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea every year for both economic and political reasons.
Two Popes"Two Popes"
: On 11th February 2013 Pope Benedict XVI announced his retirement. Pope Francis was elected as his successor. This was the first time after more than 300 years that Catholic Church had two Popes.
Black lives matter"Black lives matter"
: Amnesty International has named Colin Kaepernick Ambassador of Conscience for his fight for racial equality. The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback began kneeling during the national anthem in protest of racial injustice and police brutality.