project Limbo / The Garden of Eden

Limbo / Garden of Eden

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created by Minya Mikic

"Limbo / The Garden of Eden” is a site-specific, artistic project which attempts to freeze the present moment and create a mental space – limbo – in which spectators are invited to contemplate. This holistic project stems from the idea that all visitors coming to the exhibition from different parts of the world inevitably bring with them their individual life tales – all of them will intersect. Man is the only self-aware living being capable of a creative thinking which, unfortunately, can have catastrophic consequences. For that reason he must be accountable for its actions… “Limbo / The Garden of Eden” is referring to that contradictory fact.

"Limbo / Garden of Eden" is composed in three parts:

“Limbo / The Garden of Eden” is a three-part composition which aims to “turn the spotlight” on actual topics and problems of the contemporary society. Stimulating various senses, this complex setup invites each spectator to stay in it for a necessary period of time to filter and define their thoughts and feelings in order to eventually determine the direction in which they want to proceed.

  • 1. Firewall - symbol of the intellectual and creative energy. Historically it represents the first technological innovation.

    The first segment of “Limbo / The Garden of Eden” art installation begins with large window case with a real fire intensely burning inside it – a metaphor for the intellectual and creative energy! Intellectual and creative thinking singularizes humankind. It is a complex process of relating different information with the intention of creating a new product – and progress in general! The control of fire: its creation, transportation and preservation is thought to be the first product of human creative thinking. That is how Man acquired light and heat. The moment when human beings have mastered the nature is marked with this metaphor.

    The two- meter-high and three-meter-wide firewall is entirely made of stainless steel and glass. Stainless steel is extremely reflecting and has the characteristics of a mirror.

    The stainless-steel surface behind the fire is not flat but folded at the slight angle forming 7 vertical panels. Standing in front of this ‘folded mirror’ a spectator will be able to observe the surrounding from 7 different visual perspectives simultaneously. He will be able to see and recognize himself as a part of the collective achievement, made possible by creative thinking. Various angles of observation also suggest that progress is possible only if our points of views are multiple and diverse. This big flame also reminds us of all the consequences our actions could provoke.

    In many ancient cultures fire is also mediator in communication between people and gods.

  • 2. Raspberries - the symbol of garden of Eden but also the emblem of ephemeral, transient!

    At the entrance of the gallery the visitors will be overwhelmed by the visual appearance of heaps of raspberries and by their strong scent. The visitors’ dazed senses will at the same time invoke the feeling of fertility, abundance and opulence but also the concern of transience, degradation and ephemerality of the matter. Raspberries are by nature very delicate and perishable, their deterioration starts almost instantly after they are picked. It is precisely this process of degradation that recalls the transiency and ephemerality of all of us.

    This shock effect triggered by the abundance of raspberries is necessary to capture the attention of the spectators in order to sensitize them to the problems on which they otherwise might not reflect. With this ‘sacrifice’ of 800kg fresh raspberries I would like to point out that we must immediately react and tackle problems of pollution and destruction of the planet. Tomorrow will be to late. Such issues are often away from our sight and by drawing attention to this process of decay I want to upset the inner peace of the spectator. I would like him to think about these issues and hopefully even react.

    After 7 days what remains of the raspberries will be cleaned up. In their place a video time-lapse of the rotting, recorded during the first 7 days, will be projected on the floor of the pavilion. Visitors will be able to walk on top of them.

    In Christian art raspberries are the symbol of kindness. Its red juice is related to blood running through the heart, the place where by belief the kindness resides.

  • 3. WebCam Live - broadcasting live feed from different cities in the world on the stone wall

    Video projection from various cities in the world will be screened over the manmade stone wall at the far end of the gallery.

    The preceding contemplations and sensations of delicacy and transience created with raspberry heaps are now further elaborated.

    By itself a wall has a strong symbolic message: it represents a barrier, a separation. Not only physical but also a mental one. Metaphorically it represents human limitations. In this project the wall is half-built (or half-demolished). With this allusion the artist points to the ambivalence of the decisions of a society.

    Live broadcast from various cities in the world connects and puts in relation those cities and their societies. It also alludes to the strengths and possibilities of joint forces. The visitors will be able to observe the atmosphere on the streets of Rome, London, New York, Cairo and other cities. Live feed from cities projected on the wall will be shifting every minute. This will establish a vital dynamic and a rhythm of the entire project. Different time zones and weather conditions of various locations will contribute to the authenticity of this installation – always different and in perpetual change. The only immutable element is the wall!

Throughout our lives we are presented with great possibilities. Various opportunities come our way – what will be our attitude toward them, how much effort we will make, how fast will we react, it all depends only on us. It is our choice, decisions we take are ours – and so are the consequences. Upon leaving the “Limbo / The Garden of Eden” this new experience which caused various, contrasting emotions and has stimulated different senses invites the visitors to continue their life adventure enriched with one profound introspection.